A mental health network to professionals all over the world


Providing substantial psychological and psychiatric care is a major challenge in Africa, just like everywhere else in the world. This concern is even more acute in post-conflict contexts. Addressing the needs in terms of the knowledge on the variety of mental disorders and their causes among the public is a notable challenge that goes hand in hand with certain stigmatization of people facing this type of difficulty in most societies.

Humura is an initiative that came from the desire of contributing to the construction of local expertise fueled by intercultural and multidisciplinary insights. In practice, while considering specific cultural and historical contexts, Humura aims at fostering knowledge sharing by harnessing best practices and expertise from experts around the globe together with experiences and expertise acquired by its members in the field of mental health. Last but not least, Humura also seeks to highlight and promote the knowledge and capacities of medical and health professionals in their fields of practice.

Our commitment in Rwanda

Our commitment in Rwanda was born from the aknowledgement of psychological and psychiatric care as a major societal issue specifically in this country. The general public’s ignorance regarding the various mental disorders that may exist as well as of their root causes, leads to stigmatization of people manifesting this type of difficulty. The Genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in Rwanda has left deep scars in the country. The trauma experienced and related addictions resulting from this tragedy, continue to torment many. In addition, gender-related violence and financial difficulties are factors that contribute to this psychological distress. Bearing in mind, the limited number of mental health professionals and how the country is on its way to rebuilding broken minds, Humura wishes to support these professionals by strengthening their skills as a significant contribution to the overall reconstruction of the country.




Humura is a trans-disciplinary multicultural community of trainers and mental health professionals that brings together people of diverse origins and backgrounds, driven by the desire to unite their energies and expertise. Humura aims to bring together people who share the same values within a community of practice aimed at:

Improving healthcare practices

Contributing to the improvement of healthcare practices and conditions, taking into account all the determinants of overall health.

Inspiring collaborations

Inspiring collaborations and partnerships aimed at developing skills and co-creating innovative approaches thanks to the collective intelligence.

Building bridges

Building bridges between practitioners from different cultures and backgrounds who practice in the field of mental health. This will also promote the pool of knowledge and practices, in a spirit of reciprocity, exchanges and transfers of skills.


Allowing mental health professionals to rightly incorporate in their practices, Humura’s enrichments stemming from the dialogue, exchanges, and experiments;


Allow each mental health professional to appropriately practice, the enrichments that arise from the dialogue, exchanges and experiments that are nourished and promoted by Humura.


Developing an international network of mental health professionals by offering support to field workers, particularly in post-conflict situations;

Supporting the network by creating favorable conditions, both practical and theoretical, to improve the care of target audiences.

Developing a common vision within the Humura network centered on a comprehensive health approach as recommended by WHO.

Enhancing and acknowledging local practices of mental health and resilience among professionals of different backgrounds.